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How to Plan a Cremation

Cremation should be just as carefully planned as a fully traditional funeral service. It is, after all, also a process in which a deceased loved one is buried in such a way that he will be best remembered. It just so happens that different families have different beliefs, traditions, budgets, and preferences. Here is how you plan a cremation.

Decide whether you will have a funeral service or not

You may still schedule a funeral service even if you have decided to have the body cremated. This decision would have to depend on both your religiosity and your budget. With a funeral service, there may be a need for a chapel to hold the memorial and the wake. There would be enough time provided for family and friends to come and pay their respects. If you choose this option then a funeral home should be contacted. The funeral home can help with the planning.

CremationIf, on the other hand, the body will be cremated without any funeral services then you can go straight to a crematorium. The crematorium can already help with the planning, which includes the process itself, the buying of urns, or paying for a place in a columbarium.

Know the state laws on cremation

Before deciding to have your departed loved one burned into ashes, know the laws in your state. While having a dead body cremated is not illegal, there are only a few places where the practice is licensed. Find out where you can go in your state before you commit to that one funeral home or crematorium.

Understand the religious implications of the practice

Are you religious? If you are then you may want to know what your religion says about the practice. A lot of Christian religions accept the practice but do add a full funeral service for the repose of the soul of the departed. If you don’t have any religious concerns then you can easily proceed to the next step of your plan.

Coordinate with family members

Know what your family members believe about the practice. If they are okay with it then you can proceed with coordinating with them. Coordinate with your family members to ensure that everyone should still attend the funeral services if you so require them. Just because the body is going to be burned into ashes does not mean to say that the whole affair will be limited to the closest or the nuclear family.

Know the costs involved

The cost of cremation will vary depending on the way you want it. You can arrange for a memorial, public visitation, and the whole works for example. On the other hand, you can just arrange for the crematorium to incorporate the ashes into jewelry or the usual urn. There are so many possible combinations of features that the costs can really greatly vary. You may want to talk to the funeral director about your plans and the possible costs that you need to pay for such a plan.

Finalize the details

You don’t have to have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or a type A personality to want a perfect funeral. So, you need to finalize all the details: the costs, the deliveries, the people involved, the clergymen, and the rest of the other features that will make the affair more special. After all, you are not only recognizing and respecting the dead but you are also remembering a life.

So, how do you plan a cremation? It is not much different from a casket burial in terms of many of the details. However, there are some unique touches that you may want to give a second or third glance.

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