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The Different Kinds of Rare Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have become more and more commonplace ever since presidents have begun giving them out. These coins have a long and rich history, though most people don’t really know when and where this tradition started.

These coins are given out to members of the military, of a particular branch of the government, special guests or dignitaries and so much more. They have a very sentimental value. Coins show that a person has given service or has had a special relationship with the person who gave them.

challenge coins

The number of challenge coins out there has made them great collector’s items. People from all over the world have begun to collect them for their rarity or special attachment to the branch or department that hands them out.

People pay top dollar for these challenge coins. The rarer the coin the more expensive they are. After all, these coins aren’t given to just about anyone. Here are a few examples of some of the rare coins that a person can find.

Administration coins

These military coins have been around for quite a long time now. Yet, it wasn’t until a certain president started handing them out did people begin to notice their appeal.

The first president to ever have given out these special military coins is Bill Clinton. Former US President Bill Clinton is famous for having a big collection of military coins. In fact, his portrait in the White House is known for displaying his massive collection on the top of his desk.

He started the tradition of handing out challenge coins to members of the military. What makes the coins he gave out special is that they commemorate his administration. He only gave them out to those who he met personally.

The administrations that came after him then followed suit. Former US President George W. Bush is also famous giving out challenge coins to servicemen of the US military. He usually gave his administration coins to those who served in Iraq during the War on Terror.

The next president to have followed suit is none other than President Barack Obama. President Obama was also known for giving out his coins even to those who weren’t a part of the military, but have nevertheless contributed great service to the country.

These presidential administration challenge coins are some of the rarest coins a person can ever hope to get.

War coins

There are certain coins that were made only during a particular era. During World War I and II for example, military coins were only few and far in between.

The tradition of having custom military coins wasn’t really popular until the Vietnam War. During the Vietnam War soldiers were known for keeping bullets with them. A soldier would slam his bullet to another soldier in a bar or some other drinking establishment. When the soldier challenged couldn’t give his bullet he would be responsible for buying the challenging soldier a round of drinks.

These coins are special because they would no longer be given out when the war stopped. This made them very limited in number.

Antique coins

Just like any other collectible, military coins became more expensive he older they got. This is because other military coins of their kind would eventually get lost or destroyed. The general rule of thumb is that the older the coin, the more expensive it will be.

There are plenty of military coin sellers out there on the internet. Finding an authentic one can be challenging especially if a person has no idea on how to verify the coin’s authenticity. These antique challenge coins are some of the most prized coins in the world.

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