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Trading Baseball Pins the Right way

If it seems like you have too much baseball trading pins in your collection, perhaps it is time to let some go. You can never have too much pins, but still you may want to have more designs rather than have more of the same design. Here are some pointers that you should remember in order to enjoy the trade:

baseball trading pinsNot all baseball trading pins are tradable. Any pin that is less than 1.50 inches in diameter is considered a collector’s item. Most traders prefer pins that are within the 1.75- to 2.0-inch range. Look at your collection and assess which ones should go and which ones you can keep. Look at the prevailing theme (if any) of your pins and start your way from there. Would you want to collect trading pins from the same baseball event? How about the same team? Do you want pins of the same player? You have many to choose from, thus it is important to assess your collection; that way, you can find the easiest means to complete your chosen collection.

Check your local listings for baseball trading pins up for trade or sale. Google can help you with this. You need not leave your home; with just a click of the button, you can find, buy, or trade the pin of your choice. All you need to do next is to wait and see. Of course, real thrill is felt when one attends a pin trading event. You can also check your local listings for the next pin trading event and if it is within your travel range, then go ahead and see the action live. You may also meet fellow enthusiasts there who share your common goal and could help you complete your collection in no time. Do your research beforehand and be careful with dealing with other people. Better safe than sorry.

trading pinsYour baseball trading pins should be assessed for damage, imperfections, as well as impurities before trading with someone else. Missing pin attachments should be replaced and all damages should be noted and presented to potential traders. Honesty is the best policy in any endeavor and this includes pin trading. Never pass off your pins as original if they are just imitations. Never undervalue the pins owned by someone else in order to add them to your own collection. You may meet newbies and kids in trading events and as tempting as it sounds, never ever fool them. Word will come around eventually and before you know it, you might be forever banned from such events and your reputation tarnished for life.

Aside from being honest, one should be polite when trading pins. Learn to say please and thank you. Never touch a pin unless the owner permits you to do so. Expect the same from other traders as well. Being polite also means allotting ample time per trader and not grabbing every possible trade partner at the same time. Entertain one trader at a time and expect that others will also entertain one trader at a time. When the offer they give you is something you don’t like, then politely say no and move on to the next deal. Never give false hopes or empty promises. In short do not waste their time or your time over a trade that will not materialize in the end.

Another thing, follow your gut instinct. If the trade seemed too good to be true, then perhaps it is too good to be true. Trading events have information booths you can go to when unsure, or you can consult your local pin traders for advice. Baseball pin trading should be fun and not be a burden.

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